core values.png


Humility First

We are grateful for the opportunities we have and continue to work hard, always striving to BE better and DO better.


Foster Growth and Knowledge

We understand the importance of education and training and provide extensive on-boarding support for new team members and deliver access to discounted industry events further nurturing professional growth.


Have Fun

We enjoy where we work, and the people we work with always strive to have fun each and every day.


Create an Amazing Experience

From the day a new team member walks through the door, it's our goal to provide a smooth and seamless transition for you, your team, customers and business partners to ensure an amazing experience.


Speed to Respond

This is the mantra of Fairway's Support Teams, which continuously distinguishes in the marketplace.


Seek Wise Counsel

We value the input and perspective of others, so we can make the best decisions possible.


Respect, Listen and Stay Balanced

We understand the importance of open communication between our originators, also known as "The Street" and support staff. Major decisions to policies and procedures are always vetted first, before implementation.


Committed to Serve

We are committed to serve our branches and origination teams, allowing them to focus on originating and closing loans.


Consistent, Honest Communication

Communication to our team members and management is fully transparent with daily posts being sent to communicate events, trainings, underwriting guideline changes, new programs and more.


Family Focused

We are committed to protecting the well-being of our employees and consistently promote a healthy work/life balance.